Syed AunirbaanEdit

I did not want to be left alone,

I did not want to be rough inside,

I am not the man I want to be

But can’t change myself, that’s the pain!

Give me back the youth I miss,

If you do that - I promise

You will not come to - regret it!

But I can’t say how I will pay you back!

I walk the road of darkness,

In the sorrow of tomorrow.

I seek the path to oblivion,

In the reaches of life you know;

I do not crave for anything more,

Just want to hear that knock on my door.

I do not want to be all alone,

I do not want to be dead inside,

I am not the man I appear to be

But I can’t mend myself, it’s frustrating!

Take me to the darkness you know,

With you there, I shall go,

Till death comes to me, at my hand!

I will laugh at his face, with my mind!

I do not want to die alone,

I just want some oblivion!

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