Syed AunirbaanEdit

He asked me?... Why, who gave him the right?

Burnt down, burnt out- mystified, charmless!

Hoosh, a Raven's wings,

On the Vulture's nest.

You once asked me? You are no different!

Die and rot in hell- I won't be bothered.

Don't I...

Breaking the shackles, I have walked the long path,

Since the dawn of this wretched world, blood stained pathways

Filled with haunting emotions and pathos!

Go fuck yourself! And if you can,

Tear me down over the lost horizon.

There it goes, why did he have to ask?

Why to awake the sleeping demon?

The sleeper has awakened!

I am awake!

You cannot stop "ME"!

I am the heart of the land!

I am Earth and Water,

I am Wind and Fire. A whole elemental being.

Lost to my sins, in the dark realms of the underworld.

I have been chained there, on the void,

It was a dead zone; perfect for me.

Now I am free- free to hunger.

To the eighth sin I move!

It burns within, will suffer!

You all will suffer, dearly! Shouldn't have set me free.

Hell why did he have to ask?