Welcome to the Fire Fly Wiki. We are a collaborative community website about amateur literature and art including but not limited to photography. Please respect the rules and regulations, we are a friendly bunch. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Brief Description!Edit

Story, Novel, Poetry, Song, Joke, Experience, Review, Preview, Feature, Column, Essay, Narrative, Image, Art, Video - basically anything legal that opens a window to Unextinguish the soul like a Butterfly!

Please Notice!Edit

  • Please do NOT vandalise - it will NOT be tolerated.
  • You are welcome to post anything original however whether it would remain is up to the admins to decide.
  • Pictures and fan arts are welcome even if they are not your work; however writings has to be own creations - exceptions allowed only if permitted by Netertua or Blackendedsoul.
  • Currently, two languages are being used - English (obviously) and Bangla. If you want to use any other language, please leave a message on Blackendedsoul's message wall asking permission prior to doing so. Any other query requiring permission should also be addressed there (i.e. Blackendedsoul's message wall).
  • Try avoiding punctuation marks on titles of blog posts (unless absolutely necessary) as it can mess up the linking system.
  • Be careful about adding categories as they can be pain to remove.
  • Commenting and spreading word about this wiki would be highly appreciated.
  • We are always open to suggestions.
  • Have fun! :)

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