Syed AunirbaanEdit

Falling, falling, falling,

To the depths of the darkest pit,

Let it be! Do nothing!

Dieing, dieing, dieing,

In the death wish, ask for nothing! Do nothing!

Crumpling, crumpling, crumpling,

All in ruin, to kingdom come! Do nothing!

Breaking, breaking, breaking

All the rules are falling apart

Like a house of cards,

Simply do nothing!

Do nothing, be nothing, don't even exist.

On your name, to the game, here I come-


To the death, fearless, bold youth, young blood-


Where to hide, no place to go, end game-


Bitter bucolic, the pulse is on you,

Come drink it, take my hand and guide me,

For I am blind!

Be my eyes, humanity is at stake!

Retreat, retreat, all is lost!

What's the use?

This is life, a whole fight,

New enemies, sudden dangers,

Trust and betrayal, enjoy it.

What ever comes, no use,

Laugh, laugh harder,

The line is still young!

Simply exist and let time flow!

Do nothing to change.

Change will bring pain,

See none, do naught, cease to exist!

That's the promised heaven!

See none, do naught and be nothing,

God's will will be done!

No no no no no no no no no no no no no!

We, we are the new diabolic,

We, we are the bitter bucolic,

If I have to give my life, you can have it!

I am not gonna be the ignorant,

I am blind, not deaf,

I am inferior, not nothing!

I am me, here I am,

Feel me, touch me, taste my wrath.

Kill me and I won't die!

Bring the chaos, I am here

Suck out the bitter emotions,

All is lost? None is gained?

Who cares! No surrender! Never give up! No retreat,

Lets go all the way,

Fly towards dream!

If its not realized, fine-

Then reality will be changed!

[Dave Thomas aka Verto inspired the part about bucolic]