Syed AunirbaanEdit

Bought with cash money, a little fortune,

Back from the warehouse while selling my stuff.

Brought home some drink and filled up my bottle,

And tried to lit a fire, to cook up my dinner- oh no!

Cough cough cough, the wood was not dry,

Lotta smoke; and my eyes were getting wry!

But nonetheless gotta try,

No matter how much I cry!

Then the Old Man came, who was very lame,

With his weird style, he helped me build a pile - But alas

The geezer had a Niece,

Whom I called Missy but don't think she was sissy

Her looks were not rough, though she was darn tough.

Such a sweet lady, told me to get ready

-and take her to date! Oh this was fate!

Thought I with closed eyes,

It was all smoky and I was very shaky.

But then I fall down and banged my head - kaboom!

And I came to senses, alas all those expenses;

Behind the weed I bought, was but for naught!