Syed AunirbaanEdit

Days have come and gone by me,

I can’t count now how many,

When I look back to the past,

I feel so lonely!

I have been through thick and thin,

The life that I had was not clean,

Yet the tears always fall…

… when the sweet memories come,

They sooth away the pain…

… from this heart…

…they cheer me on…

… for a new start!

I wonder, what is the truth?

Feeling the shames…

… of my misdeeds,

And feeling the pride…

… of what's worthy,

Still I feel so humbled!

Don’t know where my journey will end,

Still wish the future to bend,

No more sorrow, no more remorse,

Or that is the motto I keep close…

…to my heart!

Wishful thinking is not too bad,

Even though it sometimes makes me sad,

Beautiful memories are not always happy,

Still I think I am lucky…

… cause I have them!

My days pass by without a goal,

Casual thoughts fill my soul,

Wanton days aha…

…wanton days!

Wish there will be those days again…

… when this little me will regain…

… and relive…

…the past I have left behind.

Wanton dreams then may come true,

So I patiently wait and wait,

Hoping it’s not yet all too late,

Wanton days aha…

… wanton days!

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